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Depends on how appreciative you are on things that surrounds you. Some people can see the benefit that half-filled glass one can provide. For other people, it is simply not enough. They will ask for more.

The subject is not just a simple rhetoric. In the corporate world, leaders can be perceived on their interpretation of this state. An optimist leader will consider glass half full situation as partial accomplishment. Pessimist leader sees it as partial failure. The former is a motivator, one who is capable of inspiring his people by stimulating or encouraging them to strive harder. The latter is a fault finder capable of focusing on the small dot of dirt in a clean white sheet.

In Buddhism, however, glass half full is not an incomplete situation. For them the glass is full: it contains both liquid and space. Half liquid, half air. A balance: Yin and Yang. It can be viewed as a fragile opportunity to go above the median point or go below through proper and careful interpretation of the situation.

                            Dr. Abraham Maslow’s “Theory of Human Motivation” says that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs as depicted in the “Hierarchy of Needs” which was created by the same scientist. General types of needs like physiological, safety, and social needs are often the easiest to satisfy. Esteem needs come before self-actualization. It is more challenging to achieve since it is dependent to a third person, a giver, a motivator, a leader who should be objective enough to appreciate and commend. Some examples of esteem needs are recognition, attention, accomplishment and social status.

Leaders who value Maslow’s theory will not be trapped in a difficult position once they encounter a Glass Half filled situation. They do not usually focus on the negatives, the obstacles and resistant personalities. They are armed with wisdom that guides them on how to go above the median point and lead their people towards productivity and self actualization.

There is no argument that in today’s culture many leaders are angry, frustrated and hopeless. But their position is not a license to be angry and frustrated that promotes a hopeless state.

As what John Wooden says, “Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”

And as I go with my journey I will meet a lot of people of different stature with different perspective and different attitude.

But sadly, they can all be gauged by a mere half-filled glass of water.


2 comments on “GLASS HALF FULL

  1. Lesley Ann Golez
    August 15, 2012

    Agree! Looking forward to more insights from the Corp Slave. Cheers! 😄

  2. Alexis Ramos
    January 28, 2014

    This is an insightful read for me, and makes me rethink about my approach to training people on the travel account of my company. Thanks CS 🙂

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