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Are you afraid of GHOST?

Most of us are afraid of something that we don’t know. Some are afraid of the dark because they can’t see anything in the dark. Some are afraid of being wounded because they don’t know how much pain it can give. And some are afraid of dying because no one can prove what lies beyond death.

image003I had the opportunity to watch Atlantis Productions’ Ghost the Musical at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium last May. The ticket was
again courtesy of my lawyer BFF, Atty. Fernandez; and through his connections we got upgraded to an orchestra seat that was within breathing distance with the performers. I could even see Cris Villongco’s eyes when they got flooded with tears due to intense sorrow.

Ghost the Musical is echoed out from its original movie version. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions. At the onset it was love and romance between two young partners who are just starting their lives together. Midway and close to ending, the story becomes sad, really sad, and at times funny and hilarious. I left the theater with a strange feeling of sadness that night. Grief and loss of loved one sank in me. Thus, this post.Ghost001

Losing someone you care most or love deeply is a painful experience. Grief is usually tied to loss, the more significant the loss, the more heartbreaking the grief. German psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced us the commonly known “five stages of grief”. Many people do not realize it but their grief goes under these stages.

  1. Denial. It is a natural defense mechanism to block the cause and hide from the facts.
  2. Anger. The intense emotion is deflected from our vulnerable self and expressed instead as anger.
  3. Bargaining. Regaining control through negotiation.
  4. Depression. Silent preparation for acceptance and realization.
  5. Acceptance. Understanding the passage of emotion.

Going back to Ghost the Musical, the female lead Molly (as strikingly performed by Cris Villongco) passed through all the stages of grief. I can see through her eyes that the emotion is so intense that she (Cris) was still in character until the applause part of the musical.

Ghost003Grief is a singular experience, unique as our individual lives. It may not be that intense to other but shattering to some. Grief is part of life. Oftentimes, it is connected to love, but love evolves. Grief is temporal; love is eternal. And I know that as I go on with my life’s journey, grief and love will always be part of it.

So, am I afraid of ghost? My answer is no. I’m not afraid of something that I don’t believe in.


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