The Corporate Slave

Life is a journey. Come and join me as i spend moments with interesting people, visit astounding places, attend meaningful events, or just pondering things out.


She is just an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story.

My teen aged Mother

              My teen-aged Mother

Born in one of the islands near Catbalogan, Samar where people make a living through fishing and farming. Both her parents were previously married to another and are past their prime when she was born.

She was just in her early teen when she left her remote barrio for a job in Manila. A decision that she needs to make in order to escape the impoverished life in Samar and to elope the marriage her parents arranged for her.

Without any formal education to boast, she landed the job of a household help in Caloocan City. Still in her teen when she met this guy who later became the father of her first born at the tender age of sixteen. It was indeed an extremely difficult marriage coupled with scant financial resources.

Your CorpSlave in her mother's lap

 Your CorpSlave in his mother’s lap together with his Tatay (SLN) and Tita Letty (SLN)

After just a few years of marriage, her husband died from an accident. He had left her nothing other than their three children ages six, five, and three. She is a widow and a mother of three at age 20. For several years she struggled to make it work for her children, doing everything possible to make her only treasures live.

Ernest Hemingway said, “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” Some of those people healed stronger in the breaks and one of those people is our Ordinary Woman. Despite great obstacles she bounced back again and again.

Now in her senior years and remains undeterred by all her life’s challenges. She enjoys her life as a healthy great-grandmother to a couple of bouncing kids, a generous grandmother to six children, a forgiving mother to her three boys, and a loving wife to her newfound love.

With her grand daughter.

With her grand daughter.

She is kind, sweet, caring, honest, elegant, sometimes fastidious, brave, strong, energetic, resilient, thoughtful, and selfless. I am proud and super thankful that she is my Mother.

With her family in Tagaytay

With her family in Tagaytay






She just celebrated her nth birthday this July. We could have celebrated that occasion in a more opulent venue but she requested to just have a simple lunch with the family at Shakey’s and a modest dessert at Krispy Crème in nearby Solenad. I should be thankful that she’s still in the pink of health. Still feisty at her age, she even have plans for her grandchildren by supporting their education.

 At Taal Vista Hotel

Happy birthday Nay. I am truly grateful that you are always at my side in all phases of my life. I may not be the perfect son for you but I will forever be here for you no matter what.

Nanay with Nonong, her husband for 35 years

Nanay with Nonong, her husband for more than 35 years now.





Thanks to our Lord for your good health and all the material blessings, and also for giving me the opportunity (through you and Tatay) to do my journey in this world. I love you Nay.


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