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Life is a journey. Come and join me as i spend moments with interesting people, visit astounding places, attend meaningful events, or just pondering things out.

The Ghost of 2017

The year 2017 has just drawn to an end, leaving me life’s lessons that will provide strength for 2018 and years to come.  The past year maybe in black-and-white now but the memories are all vivid and forever tattooed in my heart.

The source of my strength, my family, as we welcome 2018. Santa Rosa, Laguna.

2017 was a bumpy ride.  Fate really is what we want it to be.  Problems that I just created in my mind are bound to ruin my being, trying to remove my existence from the orle of bliss where I apricate.  Pain and sorrow are more painful when least expected.  Some say that rehearsing pain will dull pain.  That was wrong, it was just a senseless drivel.  Anticipating sorrow to neutralize sorrow is paltry and cowardly stuff.

Freezing and miserable at the steps of Kintai Bridge (1673). Iwakuni, Japan.

Acquaintances came and went like a passing cold breeze in polluted Metro Manila. While the sea of imaginary challenges swept me away into clouded objectives.  And in my darkest hour I discovered love and purpose.  Nurturing them is not rocket science.

Lost in the wilderness of Mount Kulen. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Then one day, I was awakened by a sense of self-knowing, self-loving and self-motivation. I learned to embrace what’s truly important and bequeath superfluity. A foundation that led to another voyage and figure.

Ruin of WWII atomic bombing. Symbol of Japan’s resilience. Hiroshima, Japan.

Reality hit me softly as the discovery guided myself through the challenges of modern life. Friendly and familiar faces enfold before me. Love and support showered effusively like a sprinkle of stars on a balmy night. Unaware that I am affluent and strong in many ways, a resolute fighter, pared by many wounds that has healed by time, not to easily ruinate.

At Tsukiji Hongwanji (1617). The first Buddhist temple with Indian architectural motif. Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

I know that fate wasn’t yet finished with life’s lessons in this phase of my journey. But I pondered and conclude:  as quick as I was lost, I was found, and will always be.

Welcome 2018.  My journey goes on… with much optimism.

A rare double rainbow as viewed from my balcony. Tagaytay City, Cavite.


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